2016 Research Impact Summit

Dr David Phipps

Director Research Services &Knowledge Exchange, York University Canada

Impact is the what, and knowledge translation is the how!

Dr Melanie Barwick

The Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto

Demystifying KT terminology and Implementation Science

Peter Levesque

President, Institute for Knowledge Mobilization

Situational awareness and dating advice for policy action

Wilma James

Uniquest Pty Ltd

Bridging the interface between science and industry

Becky White

Director, Reach Health Promotion Innovations

Mobile Technology for health interventions

Olle Bergman

Communications Consultant, Public Speaker and Freelance writer

Communications – pitching, slide decks and story telling.

Arne Smolders

Founder& CEO - Academic Labs

Outsourcing for research collaboration and sharing

Catherine Williams

Chief Marketing Officer at Altmetric

The exciting world of alternative metrics

Professor John Lavis

Geoff Garrett

Dr Ben McNeil

Founder at Thinkable.org

Overcoming hyper-specialisation in research

Dr Tamika Heiden

Principal, Knowledge Translation Australia

Social media for engagement and impact

Dr Emily Verstege

CEO & Founder at Multiplicite

Understanding what people want

Rob Kawalsky

Cofounder and CEO at Zeetings

Creating an experience with presentations

Tor Martin Austad

Fiona Colligan & Jenny Delasalle

Managers from PIIRUS.ac.uk

The digital academic

Susan Renoe

Director, Broader Impacts Network & PI University of Missouri

Institutional and national approaches to research impact

Anne Bergen

Director, Knowledge to Action Consulting Inc, Canada

Evaluation to determine your impacts

Mark Reed

Professor of Socio-Technical Innovation, Newcastle University UK

Getting to research Impact – Focus on Stakeholder engagement

Laura Fedorciow

Managing Director, Vertigo Ventures

The complexities of determining your impact

Charlie Rapple

Co-Founder Kudos

Intelligent outreach

Simon Kerridge

Director of Research Services, University of Kent

The UK’s Research Excellence Framework Experience

Julie Bayley

Impact Specialist & Health Psychology Researcher

Building an impact literate culture